A true story of a modern nation in crisis

Faris Nejad

Faris Nejad is a sociologist and a political scientist, who has lived, studied and worked in the birth place of three of the richest civilizations of the ancient world. He was born and raised in Persia (Iran). At an early age his inquisitive mind took him to the foothills of Mount Everest in India to attend school. This was followed with his residence in Athens where he studied in the field of social sciences. He lived and worked in both coasts of the United States obtaining a Masters degree in political and social sciences.

His professional career includes working for human rights organizations in Athens, New York, San Francisco and London.

He is a regular contributor to Greek and international media writing on political and social issues as well as creating sketches relating to current events in Greece.

Currently, Faris lives in his small animal and fruit farm opposite Mount Pelion near the quaint port city of Volos in central Greece.

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